A rest in Leeds and the bicentenary

Well we are having a short break between cruises in the middle of Leeds, and celebrating being a year older!

#chichotelboat #hotelboat it is a lovely spot, the vibrancy of the city and the buzz, but out into the countryside tonight.

Really good video from #CRT on the bicentenary, some great quotes about the canal, with which we obviously agree. Follow this link for the bicentenary video , worth a watch. Must start embedding youtube videos, technical task to look into.

It is quite interesting, well I think it is but Gina says I am just a canal geek, that the original estimate for the canal is about the same as what it cost us to put Lady Teal in the water. Though they over ran their budget by a lot more than us.

We will be moving off the L&L onto the Aire & Calder, so big locks, mostly push button for the next few days.

Granary Wharf

2 thoughts on “A rest in Leeds and the bicentenary

  1. Great to see you today – have a safe journey

    Must meet soon for a drink

    Paul and Nick X

  2. Not geeky at all, Nick! It’s lovely for overseas viewers like me to see your great passion for what you do, and I love all the pictures you post here. A long trip on the “Lady Teal” is at the top of my bucket list.

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