I love night time shots

Even the most strange place can look great at night. Night time shots seem to soften things and add mystery or romance.

Here is a night time shot of Ferrybridge flood lock on the Aire and Calder. I guess it may be a picture that may not be possible for a lot longer. The main power stations were coal, thats why they were here. Delivery of coal was in tom puddings, trains of 40 ton barges that were lifted right out of the water by the mechanism and tipped out, incredible. By all accounts the people who drove the barges that pushed or pulled the long strings of tom puddings used to make them dance and weave along the Aire and Calder, pretty terrifying if you were coming the other way!

Ferrybridge at night. Aire and Calder navigation
Ferrybridge at night.
Aire and Calder navigation


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