Wigan Flight

There seem to be a lot of myths and folk memory associated with the Wigan Flight. I first went through it in the lat 70’s and it was a mess. Punds empty, rubbish and most of the lock gear not working, environment industrial and pretty naff.

How time changes things. Yes it is still 21 locks dropping over 200 feet and yes they are broad locks so harder work than the narrow ones, but we only do wide locks so don’t find them too bad. there are a couple that are tough but we generally take around 4 hours to come down, without trying to rush. You can stop at the wood yard for lunch if you want a break.

It is tree lined and neat and tidy without too much rubbish, surprisingly. Also people have always been fine, none of the trouble that people seem afraid of, and we have gone on all days of the week and started at midday or at 0930.

View from lock one at the top of Wigan flight
View from lock one at the top of Wigan flight

If you look on the right of the next photo you can see a church spire, we end welbelow the church, quite amazing, a great day.

church wigan

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