Liverpool and Food

Well another lovely trip into Liverpool. Great weather and such a brilliant trip through the docks.

There really is no other experience like this on the waterways. Coming through the docks, the tunnels and then there are the three graces, what a sky line.

Liverpool Skyline
Liverpool Skyline

But of course no visit would be complete without a Nick history lecture and a rapt audience.

Nicks Lecture
Nicks Lecture -Thanks to our Maltese guest Betty for this one

Having got into Liverpool there is a time for a quick explore then dinner, finishing, well apart from the cheese, port and coffee with a lovely Raspbery Creme Brulee.

Raspberry Creme Brulee

2 thoughts on “Liverpool and Food

  1. Careme brûlée looks lush! And..great looking crew, especially the one with the hat! Looks cool there. My kind of weather. Enjoy Liverpool!

  2. Is that “rapt audience” or simply “captive audience” Nick? Would have enjoyed hearing it anyway. Lucky things!

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