Buttercups Galore

It really does seem to be the year of the Buttercup, not sure what that means for the summer, though we seem to have a burst of them every few years.

They really are lovely.

Now time for a little rant, We were moored outside Blackburn yesterday and about 7’o’clock a boat went by, I had a quick chat and they said “oh we need to get through Blackburn early, heard lots of stories”. This folk memory of issue really makes us cross. We go through around lunchtime and afternoons, frequently, in bright hot weather and cooler weather, never had an issue. Yes there can be people around, its an urban environment, but we talk to the and have had no problems. Why do boaters love to think there are all these problems, are they scared of their own shadow. Blackburn is fine, in fact we frequently stop for lunch in the middle, a nice spot!

Rant over and here is a pretty picture

Buttercups by the Leeds & Liverpool
Buttercups by the Leeds & Liverpool

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