What a difference

East marton in the snow Postnear Goole post

Well the weather has been interesting, from snow to shorts and t-shirts in a couple of weeks! The guests loved the special Christmas cruise, though it was a surprise for us all.

We were held up with a lock failure but it meant a cruise bonus for guests as they did the Wigan flight, or went through Foulridge Tunnel as an extra. A great time seemed to be had by all. But that is why we have not been posting, long cruising days catching up on the schedule. Which we successfully did in double quick time. Have to say the unexpected mud bank in Leeds as a result of the new flood alleviation scheme  and then sonic booms as two Typhoons from Coningsby chased a French jet were a surprise, all go.

Thanks to #CRT for all there help with locks etc

Out on the Aire and Calder for a few more days of lovely sunshine cruising!

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