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Wow what a fab day. Lady Teal made her way down into Worsley, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, true hotel boat weather.

Well enough of that. Worsley is really incredibly interesting but why oh why does somebody not sort out the Delph? The Delph was where the starvationer boats came and went from the mines. So called because you could see their ribs. There are something like 48-52 miles of underground waterway in the mines, in quite good state by all accounts. There were also two locks and an incline plane raising boats around 160 foot, so quite something. Unfortunately when last checked there was too much methane to be able to open them up to boat trips, a shame. the Delph is very overgrown and it would not take a lot to at least make it more presentable. I know there were plans to do a lot more but I guess spending cuts have affected that.

Some good stuff here at a mining site Link  and a great piece on Youtube actually down into the mine.

Then the day ended with a glorious sunset, who could ask for more.

strawberry moon Worsley

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