U Boat spotted

Must be one of the most weird sights on the canal but today we saw U-8041, a replica u-boat. We will post some pictures soon but look at their  web site http://www.u-boat.co.uk/ . It is all kitted out as a u-boat inside and we had a look around. Fabulous thing and really interesting insight to what it must have been like to be in a u-boat. It is based at Thwaites Mill near leeds right now so if you get a chance go take a look.

Lady Teal to be a TV star

A new series of the Dales with Adrian Edmonson has been commissioned and Lady Teal, Gina, Lady and Nick are to be in it. The crew have been aboard filming and there are some great views and what promises to be a fun story line. We will post when we know it is to be broadcast so you can all watch it.

Thanks to the guests that were on board at the time.

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