Lady Teal to the Rescue

Well it was up early this morning! Splashing noises and plaintive yelps from the other side of the Stainforth & Keadby, all at about 6am!

On going out there was a poor dog scrabbling, and failing, to get out the other side, bear in mind this is a wide navigation. It was clearly in distress and very tired. We were worried that starting the engine may scare it more so, as it bobbed under the water, Gina managed to call it across, I don’t think Lady barking was the help she thought it was!

We coaxed it across and with my trusted rope skills I managed to lasso it, not sure if the dog or me was the more surprised! A few tugs and we had it up onto the bank, panting and looking tired, the dog wasn’t too good either!

It seemed ok and despite trying to find someone, RSPCA, council whoever, to pick it up no one was interested. It perked up and seemed to know where it was going and with a look at us and a wag of its tail it went on its way.

This helicopter was not part of the rescue but flew low over us yesterday, brilliant!

Chinook New Junction Canal
A Chinook helicopter doing a low pass over us on the New Junction Canal


new junction canal

A glorious day on the New Junction canal in Yorkshire. Built in 1905 probably the last major canal built in the U.K.

A lovely quiet spot.

New Junction canal
Lovely morning on new junction canal