Lady Teal heads south!

Ok, lets not get carried away! In fact what we have actually done is gone the furthest South on the eastern side of the country that we have ever been .  We have taken the opportunity to go down the Don, way past Doncaster.

Doncaster Minster
St Georges Minster Doncaster

Even the pig looks surprised at where we are. A really lovely run mainly on the River Don.

Then down toward Consiborough we see this!

Conisborough viaduct
Conisborough viaduct over the Don, now a footpath

Thanks to Railway Paths,, for this description:

The magnificent Conisbrough viaduct is impossible to overlook with its 21 arches, 150 foot lattice iron girder span over the river, and 1,527 feet in length. Opened in 1909, it was part of a connection between the Hull & Barnsley Railway and those of the Great Northern and Great Eastern. It consists of more than 15 million bricks, and features some beautiful decorative brickwork. It is so vast that an aerial ropeway was built to carry men and materials across the valley during its construction