Lady Teal shares a crowded lock

Lady Teal does not share locks very often, not because we don’t want to but because there is not normally any room. However, today on the Aire and Calder we shared a lock with 6 other boats, really busy for us.

Lady Teal sharing a lock on the Aire & Calder
A crowded Whiteley Lock on the Aire & Calder

Lady Teal playing with the big boys!

It’s always fun to mix in with the big vessels, and make use of my marine radio license!

Exol Pride, formerly Humber pride, is a tanker built in 1979. is 60 metres, almost 200 foot, long and 6 metres wide.

She takes oil from Hull, via Goole down to Doncaster. Someone bigger than us!!

Esol Pride, formerly Humber Pride oil Tanker
Exol Pride oil Tanker

An interesting day for Lady Teal & her guests

Lady Teal is always willing to share and we are back on the Aire & Calder sharing the big locks! This is Knostrop lock near Leeds. For the nerds amongst you Sheaf is a Sheffield Class built 1938 by Dunston, Richard, Thorne, she has been beautifully restored by the present owners.

It was also a first for me when we got hit by a mini twister! All moored up for lunch and I was standing on the back deck , a sudden roar, water spraying everywhere, chairs flying around, me and the boat being buffeted about, then all over. It was gone as quick as it arrived, but a bit of a surprise. No damage to people or boat so all’s well, but a bit of a surprise.

Lady Teal Aire & Calder
Lady Teal sharing a lock on the Aire & Calder

on the Aire and Calder on the way to Goole

On the Aire and Calder

Starting with River improvements in 1704 and ending with the new junction canal in 1905 the Aire and Calder has a long history. In addition to being responsible for the creation of Goole it allowed improved links to York and Leeds.

It’s a lovely broad canal with huge automatic locks and lovely places to stop.

See the video on our YouTube channel

Glorious morning

Glorious morning
Glorious morning

Lovely spot to stop and a glorious morning too. Who could ask for more

Beautiful Kellingley on the Aire and Calder

Out on the lovely Aire and Calder and moored not far from the old Kellingley colliery, sadly the UK’s last deep pit and it closed some 18 months ago.

But it does make a great picture, still can’t resist a sunset!

View of Kellingley colliery, now closed, on the Aire and Calder
View of Kellingley colliery, now closed, on the Aire and Calder

Another Lovely day on the Aire and Calder

Dropping off the end of the Leeds Liverpool we find ourselves on the Aire and Calder, actually at that point it is the river Aire and after pasing through the Leeds flood alleviation works we end up on the Aire and Calder naviagtion.

Time for a quick pre-lunch drink at Lemonroyd.

Drinks at Lemnroyd Aire and Calde
Drinks at Lemonroyd Aire and Calder

Also very lucky to meet up with Whistle down the wind. A great steam narrowboat that lives up on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, superb vessel.