Before I cover the subject of rain I would like to apologise to those of you who follow our news. I am constantly surprised, and cheered, that my ramblings can be of interest and a few people have pointed out how bad I am at updating the news. I promise to update it more regularly in future.

There has been a lot of rain around up here, but till today we have largely missed it. It has swirled around us, where we are going or where we have been but not upon us.

We have had numerous days with people out on the top deck with drinks looking at the wonderful scenery, but today it caught up with us! It is a changeover day today so we planned to be holed up and as the heavens have opened we are all sitting warm and cosy listening to and looking out at the rain. The flood locks on the river have been closed, we made sure we are up on a long stretch of navigation so will be able to cruise tomorrow. I know we needed water but it is getting a bit crazy now, certainly the reservoirs should be full.

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