Mooring at Greenberfield

Mooring at Greenberfield is so lovely, we are lucky with so many wonderful spots to moor and not much traffic to mess us up!

Greenberfield is also interesting, to the canal geeks like me! There used to be a staircase lock here but when it fell into disrepair it was decided to go for a more efficient set up and put in a new line and three separate locks. I gather there was a bit of a row as the road had to re-route and a new bridge go in. The original bridge is now stranded, disused in the back garden of the old lock keepers house. You can see where the line used to go and the old tow path. This change all happened in the 1820’s, so only about 30 years after the section opened.

view from Grenberfield moorings Leeds Liverpool
view from Greenberfield moorings Leeds Liverpool
Edwards Boat Greenberfield Leeds Liverpool
Edwards Boat Greenberfield Leeds Liverpool



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