Leaving Liverpool

Liverpool is really brilliant, I know I say it every time but there is truly nothing else like it on the network.

#HotelBoat loves coming coming here.

Leaving early in the mooring the wait in Canning is great fun, looking at the Bar lightship and the views of sailing boats and the super liverpool architecture, old and new.

As a hotel boat we are so pleased we have been able to introduce so many people to this great city. Can’t recommend it enough.

Our guests who are on now stayed at the Titanic hotel near Tobacco warehouse and adored it, it does sound a really good hotel to stay at in the city.

Glen, who helps us out, and her husband Ian have been stalking us in their boat, the Dog and Ferret, and here is a shot of them with a sail ship and by the Bar. It does look a bit like the Dog and Ferret has masts!

We were also lucky that the Queen Elizabeth came in the day we left so we passed close by to her.

dog and Ferrret Bar liver Queen Elizabet Dog and Ferret Canning dock


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