Has it really been that long, still loving it not stopping yet!

It’s very hard to believe that this is our ninth season running Lady Teal, so 10th season celebrations next year. We are still loving it and have no plans to stop, in fact we will be releasing our 2020 schedule fairly soon.

On the canals in 1981
On the canals in 1981

When I was on a barge holiday in the early 1980’s I never thought that one day I would be skippering a hotel boat on the Leeds Liverpool. Yes that really is my on a narrow boat in 1981!

We visited Worsley and came up Wigan flight, it was very different then.

in 2009 Lady Teal was being built and then in 2010 we had our first full season.

Nine years and still going strong, with no idea when we will finish. We even have guests still coming with us who came in that first season, it really is quite amazing.

So season nine well underway now, and it’s still fun.

Well it looks like it has aged us a bit, but I guess it has been the best part of 10 years.

Lady, Nick and Gina Lady Teal
Lady, Nick and Gina Lady Teal



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