Granary Wharf Leeds

Well here we are again in wonderful Granary Wharf Leeds. Leeds is such a great city, we are so lucky to ply between the two superb cities of Leeds and Liverpool.

So much to see and do here and the terminus warehouse that is so attractive.

The guests sat on top for a cocktail and canapes to kick off the skippers evening.

Sir Gary Verity #WTY sitting opposite us at the Hilton. We do have a lot to thank Welcome to Yorkshire for, such a brilliant organisation that made so much of what we do possible. Join up and engage with them! (Sorry advert over!)

Off to sunny Goole tomorrow, a brilliant run on the river and navigation, though yesterdays storm did bring the river up it is subsiding now.

The river and navigation is so different to the canal with the added width and depth of water making the boat handle very differently.

Granary Wharf Leeds for champagne cocktails and canapes
Granary Wharf Leeds for champagne cocktails and canapes

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