What a glorious morning on Lady Teal and the Leeds Liverpool

A lovely overnight mooring for Lady Teal as we approach the fab locks at Johnson Hillocks.

We do enjoy taking Lady Teal through this flight as we meander, down or up. An interesting flight, for geeks like me! They were built as part of the Lancaster canal then leased and bought by the Leeds Liverpool once the final route was decided.

Lady Teal Leeds Liverpooll
Lady Teal moored near Riley Green not far from Johnson Hillocks

Somewhat disparagingly when in 1904 they were looking at lengthening all the locks to 70 foot a report stated“The worst Lock masonry on the Canal is undoubtedly at Johnson’s Hillock. These Locks were constructed by the Lancaster Canal Authorities, and the fact is rather remarkable, as most of the Lancaster Canal Masonry is extremely good, as may be expected considering that John Rennie, of Waterloo Bridge fame, was the Engineer.”

Oh dear, it was one of the reasons lengthening did not happen as all the locks would have had to be totally rebuilt.

A lovely spot though

Leeds Liverpool near Riley Green
Leeds Liverpool near Riley Green


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