Just added new YouTube Video of Lay Teal stuff

#HotelBoat #LeedsLiverpool Lady Teal video added to the Lady Teal YouTube channel.

Well not a lot to say, we have been relaxing! But we have also put together a little YouTube slide show about Lady Teal, click here to view it.

We have not updated this for a while and whilst we are doing slide shows this year we will do a lot more with video next year, or will try to!

Next thing is to do some work on pictures from the season just gone and get a 2016 slide show up.


“00 years of Leeds Liverpool Gala Dinner

Gala dinner for Leeds Liverpool Bicentenary last night, great fun.

Bicentenary Ball for Leeds Liverpool
Bicentenary Ball for Leeds Liverpool
200 years of Leeds Liverpool Gala
200 years of Leeds Liverpool Gala

Lovely Day on Kennet on the Leeds Liverpool

@LLCanalSociety @CRTNorthWest #Ll200 #Kennet on the Leeds Liverpool with Kennet

Many thanks to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society who hosted me on board Kennet for one day of her epic end to end trip to celebrate the bi-centenary of the opening of the full length of the canal in October 1816.

I did the run from Greenberfield to the bottom of Barrowford locks, starting in the sunshine and ending in the rain! Great run and fabulous to go through the tunnel as a passenger this time.

It is a great voyage and has even got coverage in the national press. So many people, school children and others coming out to cheer her through. Also a lot of church bells being rung, which is quite magical. A huge effort of planning and a lot of effort and time undertaking the voyage, well done one and all.

There was also quite a flotilla along with them including two other Leeds Liverpool short boats, including Ribble who has been along the length with a cargoe of sand.

It took from the 1770’s through to 1816 before the canal was completed, I am sure arguments between those in Yorkshire and those in Lancashire had nothing to do with the delay. It actually came down to the problems with finance, the Napoleonic wars and the American war of independence. But after working out how they can use some of the canal already built by the Lancaster canal company and amending the route for new coalfields it was finally completed to much acclimation and helped with the industrial growth in the region and the success of Liverpool docks.

Tonight is the Gala celebration ball, looking forward to it.

Nick of Lady Teal on Kennet at Greenberfield
Nick of Lady Teal on Kennet at Greenberfield
Mike Clarke LLCS President ringing Kennet in
Mike Clarke LLCS President ringing Kennet in
Kennet coming out of Foulridge Tunne
Kennet coming out of Foulridge Tunne
Vent in Foulridge Tunnel
Vent in Foulridge Tunnel


What a Wonderful Day

Well mid October and what fabulous weather!

The last blog for a few days, ok all breath a sigh of relief. I am going to get something together about the season just gone and post that in a while. But a busy week this week with a presentation to Pendle Tourism, coming down from the summit with Kennet , the historic L&L short boat, as it makes its way from Leeds to Liverpool in a run to celebrate the bicentary of the opening of the L&L end to end. Then we have our presentations to do for the Lancashire tourism awards, and the bicentenary ball. Quiet a relaxing off season then!

October at Reedley Marina
October at Reedley Marina

Having a nice break

Apologies to those on facebook who have already seen this, but I am putting it on the website blog.

A glass of wine, or two, to celebrate the end of another super season with great guests.

End of 2016 season

@MarketingLancs Well we have finished the 2016 season and over the next week or so I will publish a summary and photos of our travels. Right now its time for a wind down and glass of wine! We would like to extend a huge thank you to those of you who cruised with us this year and all those who have booked for the next couple of years. Particularly though we want to thank Glen who lights up our lives when she arrives to help out, Lady gets particularly excited.  Glen is a key part of Team Teal and we cannot thank her enough for her diligence, good spirits and ready smile. Gina has said I shouldn’t mention her occasional mishaps, such as pouring water over guests, funny as they may be and taken in good part by all concerned, so I wont.

Glen doing her last Lady Teal Lock of 2016
Glen doing her last Lady Teal Lock of 2016

We are re-positioning the boat back to base right now, and what a fabulous morning this is.

A wonderful Lancashire Morning
A wonderful Lancashire Morning

Blackburn Locks

@MarketingLancs Ok Blackburn summons up images of dark satanic mills in deepest Lancashire, but actually it has some interesting architecture and a lovely cathedral and an interesting flight of locks. They also have a section of methods for opening the gates as bridges have been built near locks so there is no space for balance beams. The picture below show a guest working one such lock.

Then as we move through the suburbs of Blackburn we get to nose at peoples back gardens, always fun.

Then it is off into the glorious countryside around Riley Green, Lancashire really is a spectacular and scenic county that does not get all the attention it deserves.

Some more  pictures of that tomorrow.

Blackburn Locks Lees Liverpool Lancashire
Blackburn Locks Lees Liverpool Lancashire

Lovely Lunch and overnight Night Mooring in Lovely Lancashire

Well in lovely Lancashire

Lovely Overnight Spot in Lancashire
Lovely Overnight Spot in Lancashire
Lovely Lancashire Lunch Spot
Lovely Lancashire Lunch Spot

lots of lovely spots to have lunch and to moor.


Lime kiln at Foulridge

On our run into the marina yesterday (last but one, gorgeous day today, then off through wonderful Lancashire tomorrow on our last cruise of the season) we went through the Foulridge tunnel, great fun. But before that at Foulridge we stopped and looked at the Lime kiln.

Probably built at the same time as the canal, 1790 -96, it is one of two that were built each end of the tunnel for the lime mortar for the tunnel itself.

Prior to the canal the limestone would have been brought in by ponies over old packhorse ways.

Lime Kiln Fourlidge Tunnel Leeds Liverpool
Lime Kiln Fourlidge Tunnel Leeds Liverpool

Bright starts and rainbows

Well the day started well with a lovely morning on the curly wurlies, then it was sunshine, showers and rainbows.

I do wonder how much the working boatmen enjoyed the scenery. Whilst they worked hard the environment was quiet for the horse drawn boats and helming, whilst hard work on a big boat does give you time to think and ponder. Though they were probably concerned at getting this load delivered as quickly as possible so they could do the next one. Locks etc are a bit of fun for us but were just a delay for them as they tried to press on. Even more so for the flyboats who frequently left paddles up and bridges open! Also we complain about the state of things sometimes, though since CRT it is much improved, but looking at old pictures and reading stuff things were not always so great then, and certainly the boatmen were not gentle with stuff!

Start of the day on Lady Teal in the Dales on the Leeds Liverpool Canal
Start of the day on Lady Teal in the Dales on the Leeds Liverpool Canal
Lovely Rainbow, Greenberfield on the Lady Tel on the Leeds LiverpooCanal
Lovely Rainbow, Greenberfield on the Lady Teal on the Leeds LiverpooCanal

Morning on Lady Teal looking at the Dales

What a gorgeous morning. Lady Teal is moored overlooking the Dales on what are know locally as the curly wurlies. The canal meanders around the high contour avoiding the need for locks, aqueducts or tunnels. Lovely for us but the boatmen hated it as it added a good mile to their journeys. they wanted something done about it but it was just not economic to do anything, thank goodness!

morning shot of Lady Teal moored on the curly wurlies on the Leeds Liverpool canal in the Dales
morning shot of Lady Teal moored on the curly wurlies on the Leeds Liverpool canal in the Dales
Morning view of the Dales from Leeds Liverpool canal
Morning view of the Dales from Leeds Liverpool canal
Cows on the curly wurlies Leeds Liverpool
Cows on the curly wurlies Leeds Liverpool


Lady Teal goes through Bank Newton Locks for the last time this year

On Lady Teal we love the little flight at Bank Newton. It wends its way up the hill and presents lovely views of the Dales as we go.

So, for this year at least, we wish them a fond farewell as we make our up heading for Lancashire on the penultimate cruise of the season. What a lovely day, between the odd shower or two.

LAdy Teal passing through Bank Newton locks on the Leeds Liverpool for the last time in our 2016 season
LAdy Teal passing through Bank Newton locks on the Leeds Liverpool for the last time in our 2016 season
View of the Dales as Lady Teal starts up Bank Newton Locks on the Leeds Liverpool canal
View of the Dales as Lady Teal starts up Bank Newton Locks on the Leeds Liverpool canal

Lancashire Tourism Awards 2016

@marketinglancashire #lta16

So proud to be finalists in the Visitor Experience and Boutique Accommodation award categories of the Lancashire Tourism Awards.

We would also like to congratulate all the other finalists in all the categories.



Feeding swans and opening bridges

A lovely day today feeding swans and doing swing bridges. After yesterdays bit of rain, though the Five rise was dry, it was a gorgeous day today.

Feeding Swans from Lady Teal
Feeding Swans from Lady Teal
Guests on Lady Teal opening a bridge
Guests on Lady Teal opening a bridge
Lady Teal at Bingley Five Rise
Lady Teal at Bingley Five Rise

We know who the boss is on Lady Teal

Don and June many thanks for this picture, we do know who the boss is on Lady Teal !

Lady in charge
Lady in charge


And a bright good morning to you Heron


Goose and Swans

For a few years now some geese, now down to one, have been hanging around with a pair of swans on the Leeds Liverpool near Rodley. Before the swans had young the geese would swim in between the swans like cygnets do. But then the swans had some young and the geese were relegated to the rear! One of the geese has disappeared but the other stills hangs around. The swans tolerate it, but will chase it away from food. I don’t know  if the goose thinks it is a swan or not but they all seem quiet happy together, rather cute.

Goose and Swans on Leeds Liverpool
Goose and Swans on Leeds Liverpool

Lovely Aire & Calder

#WTY #Chichhotelboat #Leeds @Welcome2Yorks

Lovely sunset on the Aire & Calder near Leeds followed by glorious morning. How lucky is Lady Teal to travel these waters.

This time of year that gently rising mist off the water  is so lovely and relaxing

Sunset Aire & Calder near Leeds
Sunset Aire & Calder near Leeds
Morning Mist Aire & Calder near Leeds
Morning Mist Aire & Calder near Leeds


#WTY #HotelBoat

Great for the guests on Lady Teal to see historic Leeds & Liverpool shortboat Ribble doing a loaded run along the L&L for the bi-centenary. 32 tons of sand going from down on the Aire and Caldr across to Liverpool, brilliant. First time we have seen an L&L short loaded up and going along.

Leeds Liverpool Short Boat Ribble
Leeds Liverpool Short Boat Ribble
Leeds Liverpool Short Boat Ribble
Leeds Liverpool Short Boat Ribble


It is fun going down into Goole with the big ships and the South Yorks Boat Museum.

Coudn’t resist being a bit arty with the tug pushing the false bow from the Tom Puddings.

Tom Pudding Tug Goole
Tom Pudding Tug Goole

In 1817, there was a proposal for an Aire and Don Canal, to connect Knottingley to the Dutch River at Newbridge, with a branch to Doncaster, and another for a Went and Wakefield Canal, to connect Cold Hindley on the Barnsley Canal to Newbridge on the Don. With revenue from tolls reaching £82,092 in 1818, which enabled a dividend of £54,000 to be paid, the company was in a healthy state, and proposed their own route from Haddlesey to the Dutch River.

The destination was then changed to Goole. John Rennie was asked to survey the route and proposed the construction of docks at Goole, rather than a lock into the river. Construction at Goole started on 28 September 1822, and the company eventually built much of the new town and docks.

So that’s Lady Teal mixes with the big boats, or ships!

Big Ship Goole
Big Ship Goole

Two Headed Dog?

Now I told Gina to avoid the nuclear power station!

Two headed Dog
Two headed Dog

Having a short break on the lovely South Yorks naviagtions

Another Lovely day on the Aire and Calder

Dropping off the end of the Leeds Liverpool we find ourselves on the Aire and Calder, actually at that point it is the river Aire and after pasing through the Leeds flood alleviation works we end up on the Aire and Calder naviagtion.

Time for a quick pre-lunch drink at Lemonroyd.

Drinks at Lemnroyd Aire and Calde
Drinks at Lemonroyd Aire and Calder

Also very lucky to meet up with Whistle down the wind. A great steam narrowboat that lives up on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, superb vessel.

Granary Wharf Leeds

Well here we are again in wonderful Granary Wharf Leeds. Leeds is such a great city, we are so lucky to ply between the two superb cities of Leeds and Liverpool.

So much to see and do here and the terminus warehouse that is so attractive.

The guests sat on top for a cocktail and canapes to kick off the skippers evening.

Sir Gary Verity #WTY sitting opposite us at the Hilton. We do have a lot to thank Welcome to Yorkshire for, such a brilliant organisation that made so much of what we do possible. Join up and engage with them! (Sorry advert over!)

Off to sunny Goole tomorrow, a brilliant run on the river and navigation, though yesterdays storm did bring the river up it is subsiding now.

The river and navigation is so different to the canal with the added width and depth of water making the boat handle very differently.

Granary Wharf Leeds for champagne cocktails and canapes
Granary Wharf Leeds for champagne cocktails and canapes

Wake up to this, then the Bingley 5 rise

What a brilliant place to wake up to!

What a place to wake up to on Lady teal Leeds Liverpool Canal
What a place to wake up to on Lady teal Leeds Liverpool Canal

Then it was on to the Bingley 5 Rise.

This fabulous set of locks is the steepest flight of locks in the UK, with a gradient of about 1:5 (a rise of 59ft 2in (18.03m) over a distance of 320 ft) with the intermediate and bottom gates being the tallest in the country.

Staircase, or riser locks, are locks where the bottom gates of one lock form the top gates of the next lock.

When the locks were opened in 1774 a crowd of 30,000 people turned out to celebrate. The first boat to use the locks took just 28 minutes.

The technology of riser locks, was out-of-date by the 1770s, when they were built.

Riser locks on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal were probably used to keep costs down as the project was financed privately.
Riser locks use much more water than conventional ones as boats cannot pass in them. As trade increased, the five-rise locks at Bingley created a constant water supply problem for the canal company. Consideration was given to replacing them with an incline plane or separate locks, but the options were never financially viable.

Overnight Mooring

Another brilliant overnight mooring for Lay teal on the Lees Liverpool heading down toward Bingley, so down the wonderful Five Rise tomorrow.

Overnight near Riddlesden
Overnight near Riddlesden

Al Fresco Lunch on Lady Teal

Such a lovely day and such a lovely spot, lets lunch outside, fabulous Al Fresco lunch on Lady Teal.

We were up on the curly wurlies in the Yorkshire Dales.

Yorkshire Dales Al Fresco lunch on Lady Teal
Yorkshire Dales Al Fresco lunch on Lady Teal

Mooring at Greenberfield

Mooring at Greenberfield is so lovely, we are lucky with so many wonderful spots to moor and not much traffic to mess us up!

Greenberfield is also interesting, to the canal geeks like me! There used to be a staircase lock here but when it fell into disrepair it was decided to go for a more efficient set up and put in a new line and three separate locks. I gather there was a bit of a row as the road had to re-route and a new bridge go in. The original bridge is now stranded, disused in the back garden of the old lock keepers house. You can see where the line used to go and the old tow path. This change all happened in the 1820’s, so only about 30 years after the section opened.

view from Grenberfield moorings Leeds Liverpool
view from Greenberfield moorings Leeds Liverpool
Edwards Boat Greenberfield Leeds Liverpool
Edwards Boat Greenberfield Leeds Liverpool



Foulridge Tunnel

Foulridge tunnel is the longest of the tunnels we go through, nearly a mile long but you can see right through it. The tunnel was built two thirds cut and cover due to the difficult ground and there are no records of anyone being killed in its building, which is quite amazing. Having no tow path and only being as wide as we are traffic lights control the flow of boats through it.  Guests love going through as its all twinkly. As with all tunnels there is the inevitable story of a cow swimming through it.

Here we are waiting to go through, no we can’t go through

Foulridge Tunnel
Foulridge Tunnel
Lady Teal at Foulridge Tunnel
Lady Teal at Foulridge Tunnel

with people sitting out!


Lovely Lancashire

The lovely Lancashire countryside is up to any in the country and is far too easily overlooked. We always think of gritty mill towns, Blackburn, Burnley and Wigan and forget the wonderful countryside that surrounds them. Passing through it really is a pleasure, and as you all know I can never resist a sunset!

Guests on the sundeck at Riley Green
Guests on the sundeck at Riley Green
Sunset at Riley Green
Sunset at Riley Green
Lancashire Countryside near Burnley
Lancashire Countryside near Burnley

Johnson Hillocks

Well here we are again at one of our favourite flights, Johnson Hillocks.

Is it really that far to Leeds, then onto Goole!

Sign Btm Johnson Btm Johnsons

Appley Bridge Lunch

A lovely lunch spot on the Leeds Liverpool.

Apply lock is a single deep lock though in the past, to save water two individual locks were put in operation. Unfortunately these are now in disprepair, but it does make a lovely spot for lunch.

Appley Lock Leeds Liverpool
Appley Lock Leeds Liverpool


A beer, glass of wine and a lovely lunch on Lady Teal, so the guests say!

Lunch appley Bridge


Leeds Liverpool Canal Halsall

John Longbotham was the canal engineer put in charge of the building of the Leeds Liverpool. As you can imagine this was a bit of an interesting one given it was necessary to team up Lancastrians and Yorkshiremen! To try and deal with this in a balance way they stare at both side of the country. In Lancashire that , for some reason, was not at Liverpool but was at Haskayne. One of the few cuttings through a hill, maybe they wanted the stone.

We went through Halsall today and we love the memorial to the men who built the canal . The Navvy , by Thomas Dagnall, is in Millstone Grit and is brilliant. Whilst most people believe that the navvies were all Irish this is probably not true, most were local men after a job. It was only later that more Irish men appeared. The work was undertaken by small contractors and few records survive to be absolutely sure.

Thompson Dagnall Navvy memorial Halsall Leeds Liverpool canal
Thompson Dagnall Navvy memorial Halsall Leeds Liverpool canal

Goodbye to Liverpool

Well its goodbye to Liverpool for another year. We do so enjoy the run in and our time in Salthouse.

Albert dock is so impressive, one of the first truly fireproof warehouses with no wood being used. They still had to have a hit squad fire team as stored items could catch fire but it could not spread to the warehouse with its stone and brick floors, metal window frames and cast iron columns, they wanted granite but it was too expensive.

Lady Teal Leaving Albert Dock Liverpoo
Lady Teal Leaving Albert Dock Liverpool

Passing out of Salthouse Dock its through Albert, into Mann Island Lock then through the Pier head tunnels past the three graces before going through Princess Lock and round the corner past the Titanic hotel, in the old rum warehouse, past Tobacco warehouse and up the Stanley flight locks back onto the Leeds Liverpool.

Stanley flight from Liverpool docks to Leeds Liverpool canal
Stanley flight from Liverpool docks to Leeds Liverpool canal

Just look at the amazing tobacco warehouse in the background.


Currently we are on a short break in Liverpool, it really is a great city. We love spending some time here. Lots of history, museums, galleries, shops, bars  and restaurants fab.

Lady Teal in Salthouse Dock Liverpool
Lady Teal in Salthouse Dock Liverpool
Salthouse and Albert dock Liverpool
Salthouse and Albert dock Liverpool

Salthouse Dock

Well I didn’t expect to see these in Salthouse dock, never even seen one duck before, though clearly there have been at least 2!

Ducklings Salthouse

Liverpool and Food

Well another lovely trip into Liverpool. Great weather and such a brilliant trip through the docks.

There really is no other experience like this on the waterways. Coming through the docks, the tunnels and then there are the three graces, what a sky line.

Liverpool Skyline
Liverpool Skyline

But of course no visit would be complete without a Nick history lecture and a rapt audience.

Nicks Lecture
Nicks Lecture -Thanks to our Maltese guest Betty for this one

Having got into Liverpool there is a time for a quick explore then dinner, finishing, well apart from the cheese, port and coffee with a lovely Raspbery Creme Brulee.

Raspberry Creme Brulee

Bit Damp

Well not the best of days, a tad damp. Then when we stop the sky clears and the sun comes out gorgeous!

Yesterday was simply wonderful and guests enjoyed a glass of wine and sit on top as we cruised into Crook.

A lovely spot now but would have been a pit village with something like 11 pits in the local area and lots of barges taking coal away. Even a tunnel underground for the canal.

Tony Robinson did a really good Walking Through History episode  really good episode on the stretch Liverpool to Wigan well worth a watch on More4.

A nice relaxing time on Lady Teal
A nice relaxing time on Lady Teal


Wigan Flight

There seem to be a lot of myths and folk memory associated with the Wigan Flight. I first went through it in the lat 70’s and it was a mess. Punds empty, rubbish and most of the lock gear not working, environment industrial and pretty naff.

How time changes things. Yes it is still 21 locks dropping over 200 feet and yes they are broad locks so harder work than the narrow ones, but we only do wide locks so don’t find them too bad. there are a couple that are tough but we generally take around 4 hours to come down, without trying to rush. You can stop at the wood yard for lunch if you want a break.

It is tree lined and neat and tidy without too much rubbish, surprisingly. Also people have always been fine, none of the trouble that people seem afraid of, and we have gone on all days of the week and started at midday or at 0930.

View from lock one at the top of Wigan flight
View from lock one at the top of Wigan flight

If you look on the right of the next photo you can see a church spire, we end welbelow the church, quite amazing, a great day.

church wigan

Wigan and the Lancaster Canal

In the period that little work was happening on the Leeds Liverpool the Lancaster canal company seemed to be building bits of canal and linking them with tramways. Walton summit and the piece across from wigan being examples of the Lancaster tramways. Passing over the Ribble on a large trestle bridge.

This led to the eventual leasing and taking over of the Johnson Hillocks to Wigan section of Lancaster Canal by the Leeds Liverpool, hence the dad end at the top of Wigan Locks, a lovely bridge over a canal that goes nowhere. It was a fascinating time for canal builders and tram roads that would be replaced by railways.

Wigan top lock
The surprisingly love top of Wigan Locks

Sunsets and Moonscapes

Well those of you who follow this blog, thank you, but you will know I love my sunsets.

Here is a moonscape and a sunset. No photoshop just playing with under exposure whilst taking the picture.

This is a lovely spot toward Wigan by Haigh Hall golf course. Lovely views down toward the direction of Liverpool, where the mighty Wigan flight will take us.

Moon over the Leeds Liverpool near Wigan
Moon over the Leeds Liverpool near Wigan

And looking the other way I had this

Sunset near Wigan Leeds Liverpool
Sunset near Wigan Leeds Liverpool

What a glorious morning on Lady Teal and the Leeds Liverpool

A lovely overnight mooring for Lady Teal as we approach the fab locks at Johnson Hillocks.

We do enjoy taking Lady Teal through this flight as we meander, down or up. An interesting flight, for geeks like me! They were built as part of the Lancaster canal then leased and bought by the Leeds Liverpool once the final route was decided.

Lady Teal Leeds Liverpooll
Lady Teal moored near Riley Green not far from Johnson Hillocks

Somewhat disparagingly when in 1904 they were looking at lengthening all the locks to 70 foot a report stated“The worst Lock masonry on the Canal is undoubtedly at Johnson’s Hillock. These Locks were constructed by the Lancaster Canal Authorities, and the fact is rather remarkable, as most of the Lancaster Canal Masonry is extremely good, as may be expected considering that John Rennie, of Waterloo Bridge fame, was the Engineer.”

Oh dear, it was one of the reasons lengthening did not happen as all the locks would have had to be totally rebuilt.

A lovely spot though

Leeds Liverpool near Riley Green
Leeds Liverpool near Riley Green


Where we stop tonight & just how long is the Leeds Liverpool, where is half way?

A bit of a damp  start on the Leeds Liverpool,  but now a sunny evening for Lady Teal, at the half way point. The lovely Lancashire views never fail to enthrall me.

Near Church, Leeds Liverpool Canal
Near Church, Leeds Liverpool Canal

Lovely sky and view across the valley. Really is lovely. But just before we got here we watched a pair of swans chasing away some Canada Geese to protect their cygnets. No actual violence, on this occasion but they do look threatening. We have watched them try to drown ducks and Geese but not on this occasion. Urban myth has it that Swans can break your arm , but it seems unlikely as their wings are not that strong. I have separated fighting swans and not suffered even a bruise. The beaks have some sharp bits but they are more uncomfortable than damaging to us.

Leeds Liverpool
Swan seeing off Goose on Leeds Liverpool

But onto my other question, just how long is the Leeds Liverpool now? A marker, not an original mile marker is at Eldonian village in Liverpool and shows 127 miles, this is now the end of the canal and their is no distance marker on the original terminus warehouse at Pall Mall, now filled in. So is the canal now only 127 miles long, or even less, there seems to be no definitive answer.

Here is the official half way point, more or less based on the canals original length.

Half way point Leeds Liverpool canal
Half way point Leeds Liverpool canal

Mile markers, quarter and half, became most important when the toll act was passed in the 1890’s.

The Act of Parliament of 1893 is entitled: ‘Canal Rates Tolls and Charges (Leeds and Liverpool Canal) Order Confirmation Act’. This Act left little room for haggling between the canal company and the owners of the goods to be carried on its canals. Let me quote from the Act to illustrate how detailed was that regulation. It reads: “16. For a fraction of a penny in the gross amount of rates, tolls, and charges for any consignment for the entire distance conveyed, the Company may charge a penny.” And… “18. All stone, when conveyed by the Company, shall be charged by weight when the weight can be conveniently ascertained.

CRT are replacing or repairing all the mile posts for the bicentenary, which is great.

Heading up into the Dales

This really is a lovely section of the Leeds Liverpool that we love taking Lady Teal across.

We have small aqueducts, lovely flights of locks and amazing views.

We are so lucky to have all this to go through.

The first picture today is at Stegneck lock first thing in the morning.

Stegneck Gargrave
Stegneck Lock Leeds Liverpool Canal

What a lovely sky.

Then it was across Priest Holme Aqueduct crossing the River Aire. Not one of the largest or best known aqueducts maybe but nevertheless a lovely one.

Occasionally we get steam trains across the railway bridge as this is the Settle Carlisle

Priest Holme Aqueduct on the Leeds Liverpool
Priest Holme Aqueduct on the Leeds Liverpool

Skipton and Gargrave

A lovely run up through Skipton, fuel at Pennine cruisers, always seem to have it and at a fair price, not true of all marinas.

The Aire valley was a little windy, it can be relly bad, the swing bridges are protected to stop you being blown into them. We love the Leeds Liverpool.

Up above Holme lock there is a great little stable block and the old register house, unfortunately in a state of collapse now, 4 years ago it was pretty much complete, shouldn’t CRT heritage be saving things like that not just fussing over things others do?

A neat little aqueduct and then up through Gargrave a pleasant dales village, then off the other side heading to Bank Newton locks, more of them tomorrow.

A lovely sunset, OK I stopped this down a lot for effect, but I think its pretty cool.

Leeds Liverpool canal , Gargrave
View from by Scarland Lock near Gargrave Leeds & Liverpool canal

Hirst Lock, Bingley 5 Rise, and Keighley

#HotelBoat A lovely morning at Hirst, guests have seen a Kingfisher having its breakfast, brilliant. A couple of pictures of Hirst, one a bit arty effect and one bright colours, I quite like the slightly arty one, I think.

Hirst Lock on the Leeds and Liverpool near Bingley
Hirst Lock on the Leeds and Liverpool near Bingley
Hirst Lock on the Leeds and Liverpool near Bingley
Hirst Lock on the Leeds and Liverpool near Bingley

Today we have the amazing Bingley 5 Rise. This is either a staircase lock, the top gates of one lock forming the botttom gates of the next or for the geeks among us it is technically a riser lock.

It rises 59 feet 2 inches over a distance of 320 fet and the intermediate bottom gates are the tallest in the country. It really is amazing, as is its fellow the Bingley Three rise. No windlass needed for the three rise as the ground paddles have the big levers attached and the gate paddles, cloughs (is that how you spell it?) are ones that move across rather than up and down the gate (or door as they say on the L&L) .

We will then be moving off above Keighley (pronounced Keithley) where in 1952 there was a large breach that washed away 4 holes of the golf course and washed a work boat into the gap. Only took 3 weeks to repair, but as they were about to re-open vandals caused more damage delaying the opening by 3 days, it was ever thus. It dropped the Skipton pool , 17 mles long, between Bingley and Gargrave by some 2 foot, a lot of water!

Lovely views along here and we see and here the Keighley and worth railway, super.

Mixing with the big boys- & playing with the camera

Well as ever our trip into Goole docks was great and such a different experience to regular canals. These are huge ships and some of them are only sea going whilst we have met some of them on the Aire & Calder, a bit scary!
I have also played around with the camera a bit, apologies if you dont like the effects but I thought them fun.
Lets start with Time travel Goole

Time Travel in Goole
Time Travel in Goole

Then a bit of a shocking interpretation of colour and highlight.


Goole , shocking
Goole , shocking

Finally big ships in Goole


Big Boats, Big Bridges, Aqueducts and Night timefor a hotel boat

Well a load of pictures for this post, as a hotel boat we do get around a bit. Not a sunset this time but it was actually a long exposure at night on the New junction Canal heading toward Doncaster. A lovely “new” canal. It was probably the last commercial canal dug, completed in 1905. One lock, with swing bridge in the middle, and a bucket load of lift bridges, so you cant hurry, oh one swing bridge as well, just for good measure.

New Junction Canal after dark
New Junction Canal after dark

The River Don Navigation is also lovely with little villages and big views.

At one of the lift bridges we met Freda Carless, built in 1964 she carried various cargoes under the ownership of Flixborough Shipping. See her entry on the National Historic Boat Register, sorry ships. Owned by a lovely couple who really do continuously cruise with her, quite a sight and they skipper her really well.

Freda Carless on River Don Naviagtion
Freda Carless on River Don Naviagtion

Then the wonderful aqueduct come weir, look at the sides of it, over the Don. Guillotines at each each end, so careful about losing your head as you cross (sorry about that). They guillotine gates are they so that if the river is in flood it flows over the aqueduct and  stops it flooding the navigation.

Aqueduct over the Don
Aqueduct over the Don

Right guess I had better get back to polishing the boat, a hotel boat owners work is never done!


More sunsets

Well a whole different set of sunsets for Lady Teal tonight.

We have been down the lovely under used Selby canal and peered into the tidal Ouse, we then turned and ran back to the Aire and Calder!

Lovely evening and an amazing rural sunset.

country sunset sunset


I love night time shots

Even the most strange place can look great at night. Night time shots seem to soften things and add mystery or romance.

Here is a night time shot of Ferrybridge flood lock on the Aire and Calder. I guess it may be a picture that may not be possible for a lot longer. The main power stations were coal, thats why they were here. Delivery of coal was in tom puddings, trains of 40 ton barges that were lifted right out of the water by the mechanism and tipped out, incredible. By all accounts the people who drove the barges that pushed or pulled the long strings of tom puddings used to make them dance and weave along the Aire and Calder, pretty terrifying if you were coming the other way!

Ferrybridge at night. Aire and Calder navigation
Ferrybridge at night.
Aire and Calder navigation


A rest in Leeds and the bicentenary

Well we are having a short break between cruises in the middle of Leeds, and celebrating being a year older!

#chichotelboat #hotelboat it is a lovely spot, the vibrancy of the city and the buzz, but out into the countryside tonight.

Really good video from #CRT on the bicentenary, some great quotes about the canal, with which we obviously agree. Follow this link for the bicentenary video , worth a watch. Must start embedding youtube videos, technical task to look into.

It is quite interesting, well I think it is but Gina says I am just a canal geek, that the original estimate for the canal is about the same as what it cost us to put Lady Teal in the water. Though they over ran their budget by a lot more than us.

We will be moving off the L&L onto the Aire & Calder, so big locks, mostly push button for the next few days.

Granary Wharf

What a lovely Lunch Spot

We are so lucky with the great views and scenery up here in the north,I really do think the Leeds Liverpool is a canal  with views like no other, ok I am biased!

But it journeys above the countryside opening up fabulous views across huge vistas in Lancashire and in Yorkshire.

Lovely  wildflowers too.



We do like this as a place to stop. The views of the drumlins, look it up, are brilliant and it is such a great spot.

Having just dropped down  from the summit pound  it is down hill to Leeds from here. But certainly not with the views and places to see. The wonderful Yorkshire dales and towns a villages, we are lucky to be doing this.

By Greenberfield

Nairn Across Britain

Can’t recommend this program enough Nairn Across Britain is on BBC Iplayer and shows a journey from Worsley to Leeds, absolutely fascinating.

Give it a try, for those that have done some of this you will be amazed how it has changed.

A bit slow and droll but well worth half an hour of your life.



Leaving Liverpool

Liverpool is really brilliant, I know I say it every time but there is truly nothing else like it on the network.

#HotelBoat loves coming coming here.

Leaving early in the mooring the wait in Canning is great fun, looking at the Bar lightship and the views of sailing boats and the super liverpool architecture, old and new.

As a hotel boat we are so pleased we have been able to introduce so many people to this great city. Can’t recommend it enough.

Our guests who are on now stayed at the Titanic hotel near Tobacco warehouse and adored it, it does sound a really good hotel to stay at in the city.

Glen, who helps us out, and her husband Ian have been stalking us in their boat, the Dog and Ferret, and here is a shot of them with a sail ship and by the Bar. It does look a bit like the Dog and Ferret has masts!

We were also lucky that the Queen Elizabeth came in the day we left so we passed close by to her.

dog and Ferrret Bar liver Queen Elizabet Dog and Ferret Canning dock


Wonderful Liverpool


Great trip into Liverpool again.

The Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse is a grade II listed building and is the world’s largest brick warehouse. It is adjacent to the Stanley Dock, in Liverpool, England. Standing 125 feet (38 m) high, the building was, at the time of its construction in 1901, claimed to be the world’s largest building in terms of area. The 14 storey building spans across 36 acres (15 ha) and its construction used 27 million bricks, 30,000 panes of glass and 8,000 tons of steel. (Wikipedia)

It is currently undergoing conversion, a huge job. The brilliant Titanic  Hotel just across the way.

Tobacco Warehouse


Lovely Spot

We are being shadowed by Glen and Ian in their boat as we make our way across to Livepool.

Moored last night by the lovely Pennington Flash, just outside Leigh. Really lovely spot.

pennington flash

Views galore!

Wow what a fab day. Lady Teal made her way down into Worsley, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, true hotel boat weather.

Well enough of that. Worsley is really incredibly interesting but why oh why does somebody not sort out the Delph? The Delph was where the starvationer boats came and went from the mines. So called because you could see their ribs. There are something like 48-52 miles of underground waterway in the mines, in quite good state by all accounts. There were also two locks and an incline plane raising boats around 160 foot, so quite something. Unfortunately when last checked there was too much methane to be able to open them up to boat trips, a shame. the Delph is very overgrown and it would not take a lot to at least make it more presentable. I know there were plans to do a lot more but I guess spending cuts have affected that.

Some good stuff here at a mining site Link  and a great piece on Youtube actually down into the mine.

Then the day ended with a glorious sunset, who could ask for more.

strawberry moon Worsley

Trencherfield Mill Wigan

This is a hidden gem in Wigan. An amazing steam engine maintained by a great guy, Bill. #TrencherfieldMill #Chichotelboat.

The engine house and engine is great, unfortunately not in steam when we visited. Wigan wake up and market this and open it more regularly.

Trencherfield Mill should and could be such a tourist draw to the Wigan pier area, as it used to be. if you are visiting Wigan on a Sunday look up the times and go there it is brilliant!

Bill does a great job looking after it and has an apprentice and a work experience guy helping out, so it is also great for them.

A true hidden gem

Trencherfield Mill

Desmond Canoe Trail


The Desmond Canoe trail from Merseyside to Humberside will utilise the Leeds Liverpool canal. The trail, the longest of its kind in the UK, will stretch for 150 miles connecting Liverpool to Goole along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and Aire & Calder Navigation. Travelling through Wigan, Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds and Skipton it will take the average paddler between five and seven days to complete., all thanks to a £1.3m donation.

Not sure this canoeist got it quite right!

Desmond trail Desmond Canoe

Leeds Liverpool Long and Short boats

So good to see so many boats heading to Liverpool. We were proud to share the route in with two historic boats, Ambush and Ribble.

ribble and ambush

Thanks to the National Historic boat register for the following:

AMBUSH is a Leeds and Liverpool longboat, a narrow boat of steel plate construction with a Gardner 41W diesel engine. She was built by W J Yarwood of Northwich in 1933. She was built and worked for H R Ainscough.

After trade finished, she was used to carry coal to Westwood Power Station in Wigan and later was turned into a trip boat in the Liverpool area.  AMBUSH is one of a small number of Leeds and Liverpool long boats and in 2011 was under full restoration by her present owner.

Ribble is a 1933 Leeds Liverpool short boat.

Basically short boats were 60 by 14 foot and long boats 70 by 14 foot. Sometimes the flyboats were narrower. Above Wigan only the shorts could operate, due to lock lengths and curves. Thought was given to lengthening the locks around the end of the 19th century but it was going to be too costly and complex. Also comment was made that the locks at Johnson Hillocks were poorly made, unusually as most of Rennies builds were excellent.


Appley Lock

Two little videos of Appley Lock on the Leeds Liverpool canal.
Lady Teal, five star awarding winning hotel boat going through.
This is the original deep lock that used so much water a new cut with two shallower locks and a pound for boats to pass was built. They are now in a state of disrepair so only the depp(12 foot) lock is now operational.

 First video  Second Video

Late availability

Unusually  we have late availability on a twin  on the Panoramic Dales cruise 11-15 July, from Reedley to Skipton.

We very rarely do this but we have decided to offer a 10% discount on this cruise. It is sold on a first come basis, please call or email if you would like to book.

This offer has now been taken


Lazy Sunday Afternoon

in the sun lazy sunday afternoon

What fabulous weather we have had the last few weeks, culminating in this Lazy Sunday Afternoon!

It has been truly extraordinary. Six weeks ago snow then weeks of lovely weather that just keeps on giving!

Really is quite amazing!

Great picture Glen

Lovely picture off Holme lock Gargrave courtesy of Glen. Gina not too sure about the cost of the art project writing.


The lovely Aire Valley and Gargrave, and what is that sheep up to!

A lovely day through the Aire Valley and Gargrave today. The scenery really is stunning and the village is brilliant, so typical of the dales, great views and stone cottages.

There is also a Peacock in the sheep field, not quite sure why the sheep was following it around though.

Aire Valley gargrave Peacock


Cygnet Time

#LadyTeal #HotelBoat #Skipton

Well lots of cygnets about on the canal now. Not yet seen any riding on mum or dads back but sure we will. Here are some outside the Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton & some video https://youtu.be/-ZY6U7lKk_Y

Cygnets Skipton

Late Cancellation – Fab Four 6th to 12th June 10% Discount Available Late Booking

Unusually we have had a late cancellation for a twin on our Fab Four cruise 6th to 12th June 2016, between New Springs and Liverpool, the standard cost is £1025 per person, or £1538, for single occupancy.
As this is a late, and unusual, cancellation we are happy to offer a 10% discount for this late booking.
If you are interested please call or email, we will book the cabin  on a first come first served basis. Payment of the full amount due will be necessary to secure the cabin.

Buttercups & goslings

Is it just up here in #Yorkshire or is it the year of the buttercup?  Every other field seems full of them , a really lovely show.

It seems to happen every few years one flower takes over.


The other great thing about this time of year is all the young. We saw a great flotilla, that the right word, of goslings today. Lots of “ah how cute” comments!


Great Canal Journeys Tim West & Pru Scales

Tim and Pru West are filming #GreatCanalJourneys on the Leeds Liverpool and were at Bank Newton yesterday.


Great to have them filming on the longest single canal in the country, the Leeds Liverpool, yes  I know the Grand Union is longer but it is a union of canals! It is particularly good as it is the bi-centenary year of the opening of the canal. Leeds to Gargrave and Liverpool to Wigan were opened many years prior to 1816 but shortage of money and the Napoleonic wars saw the completion of the canal stalled till 1816.

They really are a lovely couple and the Great Canal Journeys programs are a super showcase for our wonderful canal system. They seem to be covering all of it, along with the pieces they have done abroad.

Not sure when the program will air but will look forward to seeing it and am very interested as to what bits they will choose to highlight, beyond the obvious and iconic Bingley 5 Rise and probably the now very pretty Wigan flight. Of course the Liverpool link past the Three Graces and under Pier Head, oh I could go on and on and normally do, but we will have to await and see.

They were in a hire boat this time and look to be enjoying the trip, we well know that the demands of film crews can drag out going through one lock to well over an hour, but they are hardened pro’s so seem to cope very well with all the rigours of filming. it has caused great excitement along the cut with everyone saying that Tim and Pru are on their way. interesting how we seem to feel we own celebs. so can use their first names.

Do look out for the Great Canal Journeys program  on the Leeds Liverpool, as soon as we know when it is coming out we will let you know.

Lady Teal on TV again!

look north

Pleased to be on BBC Look North as part of the Lock keeper of the year awards, at the Bingley Five Rise.

The three keepers did great interviews, well done John, Nick and Richard.

So good to see such positive TV coverage for the waterways.

Though there is a lot on TV at the moment, and looking forward to Tim and Pru Wests next program.

Lock Keeper of the Year

#LKOY #CRT  #HotelBoat


lkoy LKOY Windlass LKOY Parry CRT

On behalf of British Marine Inland Boating Hotel Boats Lady Teal was very proud to present the Lock Keeper of the year award to John, Nick & Richard who work the iconic Bingley Five Rise staircase locks.

We hosted Harry Arnold MBE (Waterways photographer & Journalist), Richard Parry (CEO CRT), Chantelle Seaborn (North West Manager CRt) & Bob Pointing (Chair CRT Northwest Partnership) on board Lady Teal.

This is a very prestigious award given annually to the keepers voted for  by the hotel boats. These guys are always helpful, smiling and informative, our guests love them. They are flexible and safe in their approach, who could ask for more.

BBC Look North attended and did film, though we haven’t seen it yet.

Definitely something a bit different for our guests, and we have never seen so many CRT keepers and managers at the Five before!

These guys really reflect the customer service ethic that has always been with the guys on the ground and that CRT now clearly recognises and celebrates.

Lemonroyd on the Aire & Calder

Went through the huge Lemonroyd lock on the Aire and Calder today.

The lock, which drops 13’6″ replaced two previous locks that washed into the St Aidans open cast mine. It is designed for Euro 2 boats so is really big.

Its fun playing with the big canal toys but nice to be back on the Leeds Liverpool that is more our scale.

Though I have to say it is great to be able to turn around wherever we want to!

Lemonroyd lock

Sunny Day on the Selby

It really was such a lovely day. Bright sunshine light breeze and a great canal. We do love the Selby canal as it has so much wildlife and a lovely atmosphere. Its bridges are great and the structures to help the surrounding land drain are quite intriguing.

A short video here, Lady Teal on the Selby . The sound of all the birds is real!

selby Canal

The Lovely Selby Canal

selby canal

A lovely evening on the quite and gorgeous Selby canal. This canal really is a gem, an ends at an interesting view of the might Ouse. We moored tonight opposite a foxes set, the you were out playing and having their tea, we did not look too closely as to what it was!

But it is a super canal with lots of history and interesting features. Back out onto the Aire tomorow.

Mixing it with the big boys!


Mixing it in Goole with  175 foot long 18.5 foot wide 250 tonne barges! Brilliant place for something different.

The Aire and Calder is still commercial with these large barges shifting oil, quite exciting when you pass them, or them you!

What a difference

East marton in the snow Postnear Goole post

Well the weather has been interesting, from snow to shorts and t-shirts in a couple of weeks! The guests loved the special Christmas cruise, though it was a surprise for us all.

We were held up with a lock failure but it meant a cruise bonus for guests as they did the Wigan flight, or went through Foulridge Tunnel as an extra. A great time seemed to be had by all. But that is why we have not been posting, long cruising days catching up on the schedule. Which we successfully did in double quick time. Have to say the unexpected mud bank in Leeds as a result of the new flood alleviation scheme  and then sonic booms as two Typhoons from Coningsby chased a French jet were a surprise, all go.

Thanks to #CRT for all there help with locks etc

Out on the Aire and Calder for a few more days of lovely sunshine cruising!

Lady has haircut

Well season underway. Have had a great trip into Liverpool and now heading across to Goole, from the tideway on the west to tideway on the east.

Lady has had a haircut for the trip!



Not long now till we start

Well its not long till we start the 2016 season. Some new territory to cover along with the wonderful Yorkshire dales and fabulous Lancashire countryside.

I was in Leeds the other day and the wonderful new station entrance with river view is now open.

A few new bits and bobs for the boat and we have some decorating to do before we start.

Looking forward to getting out on the water again.

I did some talks  this winter and in the process of researching for them found out some new things about canal history. So a bunch of new stuff to bore you all with

Luxury Experience Award #LTA15 @Gillylancs @radiolancashire @MarketingLancs @VisitLancashire #HotelBoat


Our plaque arrived today, many thanks Marketing Lancs. Still proud as punch to have won  the Luxury Experience award. We are, of course, proud for ourselves but also for the waterways. Lancashire is such a wonderful place and we are so pleased to be able to spend our time wandering it’s waterways. Obviously there has been a bit too much water in the last few weeks and our thoughts are with all those people involved.

We would urge people to show their support by coming to visit Lancashire. there are many great places to stay and fabulous things to do and see. Walking is wonderful and their are many great museums to visit.

Luxury Experience Award Certificate
Luxury Experience Award Certificate


@CRTComms @CRTNorthWest #flooding #hotelboat Thanks for contacting us CRT, that was very kind. Pleased to say all is well with us. Seems worse down Leeds and Aire and Calder, thanks for this picture Paul.

Lady Teal is good and best as we can gather so are all people on the Leeds Liverpool canal. Where the river part of the Aire and Calder navigation has over topped I should think there will be some long term clearing up. Feel so sorry for all those poor people who were flooded. Thought the guy in York who said it was his choice to buy near the river no one made him do it was very stoic.

Lets hope for a good new year for one and all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

@MarketingLancashire @Welcome2Yorks #hotelboat

Well almost year end, our thoughts are with all those in Lancashire and Yorkshire in the floods.

On a happier note it is lovely to see what some of our guests do for Christmas, amazing attention to detail!


Merry Christmas

@CRTNorthWest @MarketingLancashire

A Merry Christmas to one and all, and a happy new year from Nick, Gina and of course Lady & Glen.

This year has been an amazing one for us with the highlight being the Luxury Experience Award, we were so pleased with that! But it was also a year when we went into Liverpool for the first term, amazing, and had surprisingly great weather. The start was a bit windy but we had mainly dry and, believe it or not, sunny weather, & plenty of water in the canal. CRT did a great job at managing things and we were lucky that we were not caught up in any closures, so thanks CRT.

Heres to next year. Though first we have a number of things to do to the boat!

Celebrating Lancashire day

lancashire rose

2017 Cruise Schedule @VisitLancashire @Welcome2Yorks @CRTComms #hotelboat


The 2017 cruise schedule and descriptions is now on general release and is booking up strongly.

Come see the new cruise descriptions.

Don’t miss out on that particular cruise you want, many new cruises for 2017.


#LTA15 @Gillylancs @radiolancashire

Well good fun on the radio, Gilly is a fellow award winner and really nice too! We are on the web for the next 29 days, that’s till 23 Dec 2015, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p037r1tw#play at around 3hrs 8mins 40 secs.


Thanks Gilly and Radio Lancashire

@BBCLancashire Radio Lancashire

@Gillylancs @beachcafefylde Listen up tomorrow at around 3 or on IPlayer for Radio Lancashire we will be on with John Gillmore ,Gilly, who won the Tourism Superstar award when we won our Luxury Experience Award. Looking forward to being at the Beach Cafe St Annes on Sea and having a stroll on the beach with Lady.

rendezvous Skipton

Dinner at the wonderful Rendezvous hotel Skipton. Steak Diane cooked at our table by Malcolm Weaving the owner. Wonderful


Our thoughts are with all those impacted by events in Paris

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.
John F. Kennedy

Where are we now?

  1. 20151111_123937out for a blowey stroll, then back to get 2017 schedule up on the site

A few more award Pictures

Thank you so much everyone for all your congrats, we are floating on air!

Georgina with Award in bus stop Award on Table List 20151105_235021 (3)

#lta15 all tucked up for the night

All tucked up safe and sound.

Many thanks to all our guests, suppliers, lady and of course Glenn who made this award possible.20151106_004605

lancashire tourism awards#lta15

Lady Teal wins the Lancashire tourist award for best Luxury Experience


CR L to R - Ranvir Singh, Lady Teal (luxury Experience Award), Zoe Cole, Cr..small.

suited and booted

At the awards here we go.


Lancashire Tourism awards

#LTA15 Lancashire tourism awards tonight. Good luck to our fellow finalists, fingers crossed for us in the Luxury Experience award.

Lancashire Tourism Awards FINALIST logo 2015

Thanks Rach & Mark

Our Christmas present from Rach and Mark, dinner at Tom Kerridges Hand and Flowers @HandFMarlow Two Michelin stars, almost as good as Gina’s cooking but the waiting staff know far too much about the veg! #hotelboat

Gina at Hand and Flowers
Gina at Hand and Flowers

Some of my favourite 2015 pictures

Sorting through pictures from 2015 here are some of my favourites, more to follow.

It is all so photogenicAll Blue Flower Web Morning Mist Rope on Stern

Seasons Pictures

Having finished the season planning has started for scheduling in the work on the boat. We are finishing up the 2017 cruise descriptions and will issue them shortly along with putting the schedule up on the site.

We have also been sorting through the photos for the season, we will put a bunch up on the gallery over the next few weeks, and have been struck by how many fabulous sunsets we had this year.

A small selection:

2015-09-13 saltaire reedley 003 2015-09-28 Wigan Liverpool 015 2015-09-30 Wigan Liverpool 009

independent hotel show

At the Independent Hotel show. Agentia stand has some great products. Looks like Gina is buying some so look out for them next year!20151020_130519

Back at base

Well we are back at base now. Lovely run back to base. Funnily as we went over the aqueduct over the motorway a narrow boat went under us on a lorry,

Another glorious Lancashire morning

Just setting off to do our presentation for the Lancashire Tourist Awards and saw this, what lovely light.

Lots of good questions and actually a fun experience. We think the presentation went well, will find out at the big awards evening on November 5th in Blackpool.

Riley Green Lancashire
Riley Green Lancashire

Lady Teal on BBC

Look at the top of the 5 Rise, there’s Lady Teal, blink and you will miss us

BBC Canal Program