End of Season

At the end of September we finished our last cruise of the season and this is where we are today! We are already thinking about the boat maintenenace and what we want to do next year!
We would like to send a huge thanks to all those who have helped us this year. All at CRT for being helpful and looking after the canal, Ray Bowen who was so good at organising the very professional lift and transport of the boat, Bluepoint for putting us in at Liverpool, Gary OKeefe, GOK, for looking after the boat mechanics, Daniel our chauffeur at the Burnley end, William our chauffeur at the Leeds end, the Rendezvous in Skipton for always being there for us, St Mary’s marina, Bridgewater Marina and all at Reedley Marina, Feather & Gaskell at Burnley dry dock, Ian at Pennine cruises. Really sorry if we have forgotten anyone.
Then the behind the scenes support from Nicks sister George and our neighbours Sue and Roger.
Off course our lovely team member Glen, who is so dependable and so full of energy. Also Lady who is probably the best Hotel Boat dog ever.
But none of this would be possible or any fun without our wonderful guests.

So a trip to Greece then Gina got to see her two dance teachers perform.
Now wheres that wine?

Ian Waite and Vincent Simone, The Ballroom Boys