Locks & Dukes

Lots of Locks and the birthplace of modern canals

May 9, 2021
No. of Nights
Cruise Start
New Springs near Wigan
Cruise End
Bridgewater near Manchester

This cruise passes down the mighty flight of locks at Wigan, which are now hard work through re-instated countryside.

Passing through interesting countryside we visit Worsley, the birthplace of the modern canal system. A pretty village with the entrance to the Duke of Bridgewater’s mines and tehh Delph, mine entrance.

Along the way we will ;

¨ pass up or down the 26 locks at Wigan

¨ pass through the area of mining that has now been landscaped and become bird reserves.

¨ Cruise alongside flashes, bodies of water left by the previous mining

¨ See wildlife. Swans, Ducks & Geese, we may also be lucky enough to see Kingfishers, Deer & even Llamas!