Big Boats

Well, we have been messing around on the Aire and Calder, South Yorks, River Don, Dun Navigation, New Junction Canal, Sheffield canal, Keadby Canal , Knottingley Goole canal and Goole Port, I think taht covers, oh yes the Rivers Aire and the Calder as well!

Seen lots of great things, a variety of locks and bridges, aqueducts and viaducts, so really good. But the most impressive in many ways are the big boats.

We are used to being the big player, 42 Tonnes with the other boats more like 20, but down here they over 400!! So we are definitely not the big boat here.

Great fun and all the guests love seeing true commercial boats carrying a cargo, oil in the case of Exol pride.

Big commercial boats
Big boats on the river with Lady Teal


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