Back on the Canals

We are now back cruising the canals and have just left lovely Skipton via the great Aire valley and the super flight at Bank Newton. Huge downpours in the night and we look across to the river coming up again. Though the news says that the jet stream is moving so we should get more settled summery weather now.

River cruising is great with water under the boat and lots to see, but the canal feels our more natural environment, albeit a lot slower than the river.

We are now served by the charity workers of the Canal and River Trust, as one of our guests pointed out I wonder which Canal and which River as it is in the singular. I suspect the impact of this change will take a few years to be felt and in general we are  supportive of it. The thing that needs to change is the management culture of the CRT. It is too closed and does not communicate why some things are being done. There appears to be a big drop in keeper numbers and an increase in the number of locks they need to cover, why is this, it appears a bad thing but what is the rationale, it may be a very good thing we just don’t know?