And we are off, Lady Teal starts her voyages

Well the start of the season for Lady Teal has arrived and we are now out and about. I can’t deny it has been a much damper start that normal but at least it has been warming up.

Kingfishers have been spotted and the ducks are getting frisky.

Coming up Barrowford locks we had a few boats coming the other way so it was almost as busy as the busiest times on the canal.

It takes us all, myself, Gina, Glen and of course Lady, a few days to get back into the rhythm of things, and to remember exactly how do I set the breakfast table!

The tunnel was damper than usual with all the water run off and high water levels always makes it a bit more challenging. Lady had to sit lower down to avoid hitting her head and every time there was some water flowing down on her she give me a filthy look, “for goodness sake can’t you avoid that”, she seems to be saying.

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